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MIDI Boutique is the new face of the old and well known brand MIDI Gadgets Boutique

We are manufacturer of interfaces supporting MIDI protocol, allowing you to control practically anything. We can supply all electronic interfaces you may need to automate your organ, accordion or build your own concept musical instrument.  

Since we are mainly concentrated on organs, let’s see few possible ways to use MIDI technology in organs.


Existing electric/relay control system of a pipe organ built 20 or more years ago, now obsolete, can be replaced with MIDI control system. After that the pipe organ will remain same pipe organ, but the electrical installation will become times simpler and reliable. It will become MIDI controlled pipe organ. You won’t need anymore bunch of electrical cables running between organ console and pipe chamber. Only thin MIDI or data cable will be sufficient for this communication. The huge preset electromechanical system consisting of thousands of relays and switches can be now replaced with digital memory system, as small as cigarette box, but capable to memorize and recall thousands of stop presets.


The MIDI technology will not only simplify the organ installation, but will make the organ MIDI compatible, so that it can work separately or together with other MIDI devices or computer software when/if this becomes necessary. Organ pipes can now be played by external MIDI keyboard. From the other side, the organ console can now play sounds on MIDI expanders, virtual pipe organs etc. Finally, organist performance on an MIDI controlled organ can be recorded on MIDI recorder (a.k.a. MIDI-filer), then played back on the real organ pipes without player sitting on the bench! This is not audio recording, this is real action recording. While playing back, the sound will come from pipes. Once the organ has been turned into MIDI controlled organ, it can be easily expanded with hundreds of electronic sampled expanders and/or virtual pipe organ stops by adding computer running Virtual Pipe Organ software and good acoustic system. Having been expanded this way, the organ becomes hybrid (a.k.a. mixed) organ. The most popular Virtual Pipe Organs suitable for setting up an mixed organ are Hauptwerk, jOrgan, GrandOrgue, MidiTzer.

In many cases customers have organ consoles salved from old church organs and need to convert them to MIDI consoles in order to use them home. Most of people cannot afford building real pipe organ home, but definitely can afford MIDI conversion of an existing old organ console or console built by themselves, to be used to control virtual pipe organ software. For such conversion they need MIDI interface boards and optional key contact systems, organ parameter displays etc. We can supply all these products at one stop. Read more... 

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