General Terms and Conditions of Use of Largonet Ltd.

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1. General
By using this website you agree to the following conditions:
You may copy or save a copy of the materials displayed on the website and print these materials solely for personal, non-commercial use, without any change to copyright notices or any other part of materials content.

2. Offer, Order
To purchase goods from you must fill in and submit online Order Form or e-mail offline Order Form. The information you fill in will only be used to process your order, while fully preserving its confidentiality (see our Privacy Policy for more details).

After completing and sending an Order form, you will receive an e-mail with attached proforma invoice. It will contain detailed descriptions of the products you have ordered, number of pieces you have ordered, their value, delivery method and its cost, method of payment, payment fees - where applicable, expecting time of shipment and bank details.

Before initiating of the payment, you must carefully read all details of your order, transferred in the proforma-invoice - postal address, billing address, name and quantity of the ordered goods, way of shipment, way of payment. If there is some incorrect data, you must inform us immediately by e-mail. MIDI Gadgets Boutique is not responsible for incomplete data filled in your order, or unverified information in the proforma invoice.

Based on the verified proforma invoice you initiate the payment. When the payment is received in our accounts, we send you an e-mail notification and start preparations of your order.

If you need customized product or have other special requirements, which cannot be fully described in Order Form, please send us your request on: We will send you a confirmation that we have received your inquiry. Within few business days we will contact you for clarification of your needs. Having clarified them, we send you specific offer to your e-mail address. After your confirmation, we prepare and send you pro forma invoice for this order. Further steps are same as with standard order, described above.

3. Prices, Terms of Payment, VAT
Largonet Ltd. accepts the following payment methods:
  • Bank transfer;
  • Transfer via Western Union;
  • Transfer via PayPal;
  • Transfer from debit or credit card.

NOTE: Please, do not send us money in an envelope via Airmail for any reason. It is prohibited by the laws of most states. Also, you take a risk of losing this money because no one can guarantee that they will reach their final destination. Largonet Ltd. does not accept this method of payment and will not fulfill your order, paid in this way. This action would be entirely at your risk and at your expense.

If you choose bank transfer for payment method, please note the following:

Depending on the country the payment comes from, and the number of correspondent banks the money transfer goes through, bank charges can range from 5 to 50 euros. Please inquire in advance in your bank about possible fees due for the transfer.

Please inform yourself and let your bank agent know who are the correspondent banks of our bank in your country. Information for correspondent banks can be found on the website of our bank here: # correspondent-banks. This information is important because the use of correspondent banks will reduce the cost of bank charges that you pay for the transaction.

When you arrange the bank transfer you fill in personally at whose expense are the bank charges and commissions. Please, fill in SHA (Shared) in the field "Charges are for account of..." in your bank statement. This means that half of bank charges will be at our expense, i.e. the transfer costs are shared.

If you fill in your order BEN (Beneficiary), it means that you order all fees and commissions for the bank transfer to be at our expense. This is unacceptable for us. Please, be aware that in such case we will take action to protect our financial interests. You will be informed in advance by email about the actions we intend to take. These actions may include:

  • Rejecting of the order - in this case the paid amount will be returned to your bank account, reduced with the costs of both transactions, OR
  • Sending a new proforma invoice for the additional amount you need to transfer to cover the bank charges, OR
  • Sending the ordered goods with regular airmail instead of express mail, if this one has been requested.

    If you choose PayPal transfer for payment method, please note the following:

PayPal charge us with few different fees, so we charge you with a complex PayPal transfer fee equal to 5% of the net sum of the order. You will see this fee in the pro forma invoice that you will receive from us upon placing an order.

If you pay with Credit or Debit Card, please note the following:

You will receive on your e-mail a pro-forma invoice for the payment. This e-mail will contain a secure link to Bulgarian payment system Borika. Borika is a company that holds a license and is certified to accept payments via debit and credit cards. Largonet LTD. uses their services for receiving card payments from clients.

Following that link, you choose "Credit / Debit Card issued by Master Card / Visa - waiting for payment - pay now." You'll see a link for payment in the lower left corner "Pay". You enter the information from your debit or credit card and confirm the payment. Your card is charged accordingly.

NOTE: Largonet Ltd. is a VAT registered company according to the Bulgarian VAT Law (VAT No.: BG103961852). Our country Bulgaria is a member of Eropean Union (EU). According European Union law we must charge for 20% VAT any order initiated by personal customer or non-VAT-registered company from countries that are members of EU. Customers of the rest of World may or may not be charged locally for VAT or other similar taxes according the local laws.

The companies located in EU which have VAT registration are not subject of this charge. If you order on behalf of any VAT registered company, you must provide us with your company's VAT number.

4. Period of Delivery/ Shipping method
You can choose between two ways of delivery - Standard and Express.

For the Standard delivery we use Bulgarian Posts and their partners in the respective country. Orders are shipped according to our lead-time within 1-4 business weeks from the date of received payment, unless other shipping time has been prearranged. The order shall be delivered within 5 to 30 working days depending on the country of the recipient.

For the Express delivery we use FedEx. Orders are shipped according to our lead-time within 1-4 business weeks from the date of received payment, unless other shipping time has been prearranged. The order will be delivered within 1 to 5 working days depending on the country of the recipient.

We send you a notification e-mail in the day following the shipment day. We ask and rely on our customers to confirm receipt of the shipped goods by email.

5. Right of Revocation
Each client has the right to refuse the purchase. Depending on stage when this happens, we proceed in following ways:

  • Stage of offering and sending pro forma invoice - you don't pay and you don't lose anything;
  • The order has been paid and the amount has arrived in our account, but the ordered goods haven't been sent yet - you send us an e-mail with your written statement that you refuse the order; the amount of your order is then refunded, reduced with the fees and costs of the bank transfers;
  • The order has been paid, the goods have been sent with regular Airmail service, but not received from you yet - you refuse to receive the goods when they are delivered, then they are returned automatically to us. In this case the postage for returning of the package is on our account; the amount of your order will be refunded, reduced with the fees and costs of the bank transfers and the amount of postage for sending the goods as soon as we receive the returned package;
  • The order has been paid, the goods have been sent with FedEx - in such case the returning of the refused order is on your expenses. You can use the post service if you prefer. The amount of your order will be refunded, reduced with the fees and costs of the bank transfers and the amount of postage for sending the goods as soon as we receive the returned package.
  • The order has been paid, the goods have been sent to and received by you - in this case, you must return the item in its original packaging within 3 days of receiving it. In this case the postal cost of returning of the item will be at your expense. The amount of your order will be refunded, reduced with the fees and costs of the bank transfers and the amount of postage for sending the goods as soon as we receive the returned package.

NOTE: In case that revocated and returned goods have been damaged, we refuse any refunding.

6. Risk Transfer
If you do not receive ordered goods within 30 working days after the shipment leaving the territory of Bulgaria, we make inquiry to the Post Office and if the package has been lost, we send you another one at our expense. In this case, if you receive the supposingly lost items, you are obliged to reject to receive them upon delivery, so that they are returned automatically back to at our expense.

7. Warranty, Claims
The goods we sell come as they are. Warranty period on any product of ours is 1 year starts at the date of receipt of the goods by the customer.

You use the purchased goods at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages, injuries, copyright violations, financial losses or other similar due to the consequence of the use or misuse of the purchased goods.

You can return your order within 3 days of receipt if it has been damaged during delivery and we will send you another package with Airmail at our expense.

8. Licensing Rights, Intellectual Property
All information contained in this website is an intellectual property of Largonet LTD. The content and design of the site are an intellectual property of Largonet LTD. Content or any part of this page can be used only accordingly our "Terms of Use" (this document) and only with the written permission of Largonet LTD.

Represented trademarks on this site are property of their respective owners and are protected by local and/or international copyright laws. Any use of trademarks or content on the page, except for those defined in this "Terms of Use" is strictly prohibited.

9. Data Protection, Responsibility
All materials contained in the website Largonet Ltd. are provided for use as they are. Largonet Ltd. is not responsible if the quality is not good enough for use for specific purposes. Largonet Ltd. does not warrant that the operation of the website is free of errors. Largonet Ltd. is not liable for damages caused by disconnection, omission, defect, slow speed, computer viruses or other. Largonet Ltd. is not liable for damages that result in an inability to make use of information on the page. Largonet Ltd. and all parties involved in any way in the production of the site or providing access to the site are not liable for damage caused by computer viruses that can cause damage to your computer or other property related to access to Internet or downloading any materials, information, text, images, video or audio from the site.

10. Venue, Place of Fulfillment, Applicable Law
Any law-related aspect, that has not been regulated or mentioned in above document, is subject of Law of Republic of Bulgaria.

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