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Almost any human body movement can be transformed into MIDI messages, thus giving
musical expression of human body and turning it into musical instrument.
Here you can find various
whatever-to-MIDI and MIDI-to-whatever interfaces.
If you need different decoder/encoder, we can build it for you.
Just call and ask (e-mail below).
Our prices are more than affordable. Many customers already know this.
Check our Sales map and our Gallery.
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Released new mrr4 MIDI relay. 4 electomagnetic relays with NO/NC terminals, each capable to drive loads of up to 10 Amperes at voltage up to 250VAC. MIDI Thru output, user selectable MIDI channel and starting note.


Released MIDI Boutique Brochure 2014


Released new mkcv88smf MIDI encoder, especially designed for Fatar DF/8 Digital Piano Keyboards series. Can scan up to 88 velocity-sensitive keys and up to 4 potentiometers. User programmable Scanmatrix type (DF/FR), Start note, MIDI channel, Scanrate, Velocity response curve and MIDI Controllers assigned to potentiometers. Single MIDI input used for programming and merging.


Released new mlc8 LED display controller unit capable to drive up to 8 various LED display modules indicating Hauptwerk status variables or Control Change/Program Change parameters.
Following is the list of LED basic display modules each avaliable in red and green color:

  • ls1ds - signed single digit
  • ls1d - single digit
  • ls2d - double digit
  • ls3d - triple digit
  • ls10b - 10 point bar graph
  • ls10b2 - 10 double-point bar graph


Released new power driver boards dd64N and dd64P for mddp128u/N decoders, as a result 8 new MIDI decoder setups have been added to our product list:


Released new mdec128u generation decoders design, running All-in-One firmware, combining former Standard, SAM, PWM/Pulse firmwares in single device. Available with N- or P-Darlington drivers, 128, 86, 64 or 32 outputs on pin row headers or screw terminals:


Customer feedback

custom MIDI controller
(can be seen on Gallery page, follow Utenzil)

I put together a kind of crazy idea in my head for a MIDI investment that would be played like a guitar. Midibotique did a great job providing me with the correct selection of components, design and construction of the essential components of this. I was very happy, and get some great compliments on the final result. I strongly recommend Midiboutique for your custom midi device needs.
Thanks again,
Michael McMorris

...your products are absolutely brilliant!!!!
I would recommend your products to anyone with basic electronics skills. The help you provided was first class!!
It is now clear to me that you spend many hours of clever design work behind each MIDI product you sell.
We are very happy. Your products are worth every cent.
Thanks so much.
God bless you!
M. Richards
Sydney, Australia
I am very impressed by the robustness of your device and the many possibilities for application. That's excellent workmanship!
... this is a great design and works very well with Hauptwerk. It does a lot more than I expected.
Downers Grove, IL, USA
...thank you for all your help and advice and support over the years. Your products have been bullet proof reliable and I never fear using them in the organs that I build and sell.
I. Arnstein
Garland, TX, USA
Thank you for your kind service!
Colorado Springs , CO, USA
I am very pleased with your products, fast service, and excellent international email tech support and communication, and will recommend you to others here doing similar projects. There is some competition here in the US from <name hidden> products, but your products just might be of superior quality, with good support on line.
Thanks, and Best Regards,
Dennis Taylor
San Jose, CA, USA
It works very perfectly,
Thanks !
Belder orgelservice
J.J. Belder
Nieuwerkerk aan den Yssel
The Netherlands

It works great!!
I am happy about it…
Thanks for this great application!!

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