• mdec64ml

MIDI-to-Parallel decoder with 64 low-side D-MOS driver outputs

  • 64 parallel D-MOS low-side driver outputs (350 to 600mA@30V per output)
  • overload/short circuit protection on all outputs
  • integrated suppression diodes
  • all-in-one firmware including former Standard, SAM and PWMfirmwares available with our decoders of mdec64 series for controlling up to 64 general loads, solenoids, relays, lamps etc. or up to 32 SAMs
  • user selectable Mode (1 out of 4)
  • user configurable parameters (Start Note, MIDI Channel and Time Parameter) by means of small Windows-based software tool mdec64mlset
  • opto-insulated MIDI input
  • MIDI Thru output
  • recognizes MIDI Note On/NoteOff messages
  • recognizes MIDI All Notes Off message
  • supports Running Status and Zero-velocity
  • transparent for all MIDI messages, including System Exclusiveand Realtime messages

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  • 169.00 €

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